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Self-Help Graphics, Dia de Los Muertos/Teatro Campesinos. Photo by Guillermo Bejarano

William Aurelio Bejarano. was born in San Diego, CA. Guillermo and wife Pamala
have dual residencies at Todos Santos, Baja Sur, Mexico and Laguna Hills, CA., USA.


My art is the result of my philosophy of existential thoughts; the idea that I am free to create art and responsible for what I produce. My art is based on abstract expression and figurative work. I use various symbolic forms (abstract) centered around existential themes and metaphysical modes of expression such as time and space, and the spirit we live.

My work also reflects the Mayan philosophy that our world is in transition, transformation, and transcendence. This philosophy is also portrayed in my art as a feeling of movement and energy, stemming from a tree of life constantly evolving into something new. My colors are intense capturing strength, energy, time, space and spirit. My medium is acrylic paint on canvas or various types of surfaces.

My love of pictorial geometry best describes my digital work and its dimensional approach to design using linear lines, points. triangles, squares, and circles. My medium is computer generated.

With respect to my photography, I enjoy very natural settings which I am able to visualize as a finished product. I do not search for subjects as they generally come to me.

It is my objective to have my audience understand and appreciate my philosophies as they relate to my work. I like being asked questions about my art, and I really enjoy appreciation of my creations.


I have a BA in painting and a BA in Chicano Studies with an art emphasis on Chicano–Latin American studies and Pre-Columbian culture . I was connected to Street Mural Renaissance in which the Chicano social and political movement had initiated mural painting in Los Angeles, California.

I was granted "special elective" credits to travel to Mexico City, Mx., for the purpose of studying Mexican murals under the direction of David Alfaro Siqueiros. In 2013, I was invited to participate in a public documentation video honoring David Siqueiros on behalf of the City of Los Angele, El Pueblo Historic Monument (mural) called "Tropical America”.


I have held membership in the following organizations:

The Mechicano Art Center, El Jardin de Flor y Canto, El Concilio de Arte Popular, Centro de Arte Publico (The Public Art Center), Self-Help Graphics of ELA, The Los Angeles Latino Writer's Workshop, and Art Director for Somos Magazine.

Founding member of the Chicano Street Art “Mural” Movement. I was the co-founder/publisher of Chismearte magazine sponsored by The Concilio de Arte Popular (CAP), a California State Coalition of community arts centers.

I received funding grants from the City of Los Angeles, the LA County Arts Department, the California Council for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the NY Literary Counsel for Small Press Publications.

My art is exhibited at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington DC., “Our America,” The Latino Presence in American Art. I was a contributor/presenter for a 2012 PBS program called “Departures,” a presentation of the art history of Highland Park, Ca., which can be viewed on the PBS website. My art is also exhibited at the Latino Arts Museum, Pomona, Ca., as well as UCLA’s Fowler Museum, Los Angeles, Ca.

Artist-In-Residences: UCR/The California Museum of Photography, Digital Lab. Legacy One Project, A youth photo mural exhibit at Zero1/ San Jose Tech Museum, CA., Awarded "Special Honor.”

Webmaster: and


California State University: Artwork 1969–1975

Todos Santos: Home, Art studio, Travels

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